Life is better in a bunch.

Finding, following and attending bunch rides just got easier.

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Bunchy's features

Co-ordinate and search for bunch rides like never before.

  • Find Rides

    Search for rides via list view or explore using Bunchy's interactive map view.

  • Connect

    Connect your cycling network - find, follow and nudge friends. Keeps you updated with customisable notifications.

  • Vote for Routes - Strava Integration

    Integrates with Strava routes allowing organisers to upload routes and ride attendees to vote for them.

  • Communicate

    Follow, attend, chat and view who's attending your rides. Set rides to public or private profiles and communicate skill level, drop policy and more.

The Bunchy Experience

Bunchy simplifies the co-ordination of bunch rides and provides a hub for finding rides. Bunchy's sole purpose is to connect the cycling community, facilitating clear, fast communication about rides.

The app uses the phone's gps to find rides locally or search preferences can be changed to include a wider area that is limited only by imagination. Why not have a snoop at what rides are happening, real-time, abroad. Bunchy's mission is to connect riders that would otherwise be riding in separate groups and to provide a communication platform directly tailored to their needs.

All cyclists know that life is better in a bunch, so get on board and help grow and connect our dynamic cycling community.

  • Create and coordinate rides
  • Quickly indicate attendance
  • Flag rides as private
  • Easily view essential ride information
  • Communicate with fellow riders

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